Safe Church Information

The Anglican Parish of Benalla has policies in place with meet the requirements of the Commission for Children and Youth in the State of Victoria. These have been prepared and approved by the Diocese of Wangaratta and adopted by the Parish of Benalla.

You are welcome read over our policies at any time. If you wish to read any of the policies or statements listed below, please click on any or all of the links to read through each one.

Safe Church Policies
Safe Church Policy
Communication Policy
Electronic Communication Guidelines
Statement of Commitment

Privacy and Consent
Privacy Policy
Privacy Statement
Photographic Images and Recording Consent Form

Codes of Conduct
Faithfulness in Service
Code of Good Practice for Clergy
General Code of Conduct (Adults)
Code of Good Conduct for Young Children
Code of Good Conduct for Older Children
3C Protocols for Communicating Codes of Conduct V.1
Responding to Breached of a Code of Conduct

Risk ManagementĀ 
Food Safety Rules
Event Planning Template
Risk Assessment Tool
Catering Checklist
Communication Planning Tool
Kitchen Safety ChecklistĀ