Thy Kingdom Come in the Parish of Benalla

Thy Kingdom Come has begun in the Parish. We are praying for five other people every day from 25 May until 4 June (Pentecost) Please join us and Anglicans and others from around the world in praying Thy Kingdom Come. For ideas about how to pray for five others please see the Thy Kingdom Come website or Facebook pages.

Please join us for a Teddy Bears Picnic on Tuesday ¬†30 May at 10.30 am, a contemporary Stations of the Cross on Wednesday, 31 May at 5.00 pm, a quiet day on the Lord’s Prayer, Thursday 1 June from 10.30 am in the Church, Taiz√© Evening Prayer, Saturday 3 May at 5.oo pm and our celebration of the Day of Pentecost on the 4 June.