Beginning on Sunday 5th, November, Benalla Parish has started a time of focusing on Stewardship. The goal of the three Sundays that Stewardship is a theme for the Parish, is and will be on how we are to be the people of God in our community. We need to be aware of the ways in which each of us is able to contribute to overall needs of the Parish and how we can be the people of God here. Some of this will focus on our finances, (Sunday 5th), some on what the talents, skills and the gifts that we are able to bring to the life of the Parish, (Sunday 12th) and finally a time of commitment, and celebration of what we already have given to the life of the Parish and then to commit to the coming year in which we are all able to take part. (Sunday 26th) This will also be our celebration of Christ the King. We look forward to seeing you as a part of this time of commitment.